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    Three SEO Predictions for 2017

    Chris Munch, a leader in the SEO industry has provided the following predictions for SEO in 2017.  The industry is forever changing and in 2017 there may be several important changes with Google and SEO.

    1. Google will show fewer organic listings per page.

    It currently shows 10 for many queries, but this could drop as low as 6. Why? Google has got better at answering queries and fewer people scroll down to bottom results. Expect the 3-pack local listings to get less exposure and possibly drop to 2 listings, as Google tries to shift local businesses to paid traffic.

    This means it will be tougher to get on the front page, and local clients will want it even more as they realize the high cost & complexity of advertising on adwords.

    2. Google advertising it’s own products more (and getting in trouble for it)

    Outside of the internet you Google has it’s fingers in many devices. Android phones and watches, Chrome laptops, as well as a suite of online products. Google has been pushing it’s own properties and will continue to do so… for example showing primarily android phones when people search for cell phones.

    And Google will get in trouble for this testing how far it can push it before fair trade rules get enforced, and Google will find itself butting heads with governments.

    3. Google will hide more keyword data

    It did this in 2016 and it will likely try harder in 2017. Why? Because it makes it more difficult for SEOs and it can encourage advertisers to target any searches including their main keywords (broad match), so Google can make more money for advertising. Also expect Google to attack & prevent various tools that are scraping data.

    This will be beneficial for you because Mountain Solitude Marketing doesn’t need keyword tools for keyword research, and we can help you. What is clear is that SEO is not going away and businesses continue to invest more in online marketing. It is a great time to be growing your online business, and that is why we are in this business.

    Let us help you rise above the competition!