Online Reputation Comes from Many Sources

Your online reputation is a key resource as you grow your business.  When new clients are researching your brand, they look for many things to help them build trust in your business.  Three of the key components for online reputation are include information from news articles, reviews from previous customers, and information on your website that helps them see that you understand their needs and have solutions to fit their circumstances.

Press Releases

Press releases provide information that you want potential clients to know, including information on services, latest projects, awards, etc…Putting this information out to news agencies gives you credibility to online search engines and to your future clients.  This increases your online visibility and reputation.

Customer Reviews

Let’s face it, social proof helps others feel comfortable with the unknown.  When you have five star ratings, people feel that they can trust you with their needs.  When you have low ratings, they  often move on to other providers unless your website or other information helps them feel better about your brand.

Website Content

Providing information on your website to educate your potential clients about you, the services the business provides, tips and tricks to meet their current needs, and discussion on topics of interest help the potential client recognize that you are capable of providing the service or product they need.  Updating website content helps them know that you are staying on top of the topics they are interested in.